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Angelite Energy Healing Reiki Gemstone Lariat Angel Crystal Necklace


This Angelite, Spiritual Diva Jewelry, Energy Healing Crystal, Stainless Steel Reiki Lariat Y necklace, will aid you to connect with Your Angels and Spirit guides. It comes with two description cards, explaining the healing energy properties of this genuine gemstone, how to clear and program with your intention, and a linen gift bag.

This necklace has no clasp, it fits overhead, and drop adjusts to your liking. Non Tarnish Stainless Steel chain 

12mm genuine Angelite bead
6mm  bead caps
measures 24 inches end to end

ANGELITE is a stone with a calming vibration that may relieve tension,anger, and stress, and it is helpful at times when you may be finding it emotionally difficult to cope with a situation. It is an excellent communication stone.
Angelite will help you make contact with the angelic realm and will aid you in finding your spirit guide. Being a strong communication stone , it specifically aids in spirit based communication with angels and higher beings. By keeping this stone on you when you have to deal with people whom you find difficult, you will find that you will be divinely inspired to say words that can take the heat out of problematic situations

Angelite can unblock energy pathways. It can be used for relief from throat inflammations and to balance the Thyroid.It repairs and soothes tissues and blood vessels . It is very useful for weight control

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