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Diva Dog Pet Healing Crystal Reiki Collar Purple Leather size M Sale

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This Spiritual Diva Healing Crystal, Reiki, Diva Dog, Cat, Pet collar is PURPLE genuine leather, size Medium. Rhinestones and genuine gemstones 
measure 16.5 inches end to end, and adjusts 5 sizes.
Genuine Amethyst heart
8mm and 6mm rounds
6mm flower bead caps
13mm princess charm
genuine Purple leather/ suede
attached with Stainless Steel hardware

also comes in size Xsmall, SMALL, MEDIUM , PURPLE , PINK,Orange, and RED (See Pic) message me for a different color,size, or custom order.

Every Piece of SPIRITUAL DIVA comes with a 2 description cards describing each gemstone, how to clear and program them with intention, and a gift bag


AMETHYST is a healer.It helps with arthritis,strengthens the blood, heart, and lungs;aids in digestion and stomach problems,and helps an animal deal with pain. It clears negative energies, balances energy fields,calms,helps with separation anxiety, and excessive barking

ROSE QUARTZ helps with skin disorders.injuries, wounds, and stress reduction. It is the stone to use if your dog is aloof and standoffish.It helps your pet to learn to accept love and companionship without fear.It is ideal to use with rescued, injured, or sick animals or when introducing a new pet or baby into your household.

TIGER EYE helps to calm pets who are afraid. It creates courage ,confidence ,balance , and strength.It helps eyes, throat, digestive and reproductive problems. It is helpful in mending broken bones and to strengthen the spine.It protects against danger and benefits weak and sick animals by strengthening their energy fields.

JASPER helps you to communicate with your animals making it a great training stone.It gives your pet a sense of security and caring.It stimulates healing for liver and kidneys. It improves a poor sense of smell and/or circulation. Jasper also soothes fragile nerve endings ,treats disorders of the spleen,bladder and stomach, and removes unwanted toxins from the body.

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Spiritual Diva Dog Pet Healing Crystal Reiki Genuine Gemstone Collar Charm

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