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Lodolite Inclusion Manifestation Quartz Healing Crystal Reiki Necklace

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This Spiritual Diva Jewelry  Lodolite, Manifestation Quartz, Stainless Steel Reiki Y necklace is an inclusion quartz, which means it's a crystal inside a crystal. This is super powerful with a high vibration. It comes with 2 description cards explaining each gemstones purpose,how to clear and program your jewelry, and a linen Gift bag. Each piece is different and unique.This is the exact piece you will receive.

This Y necklace has a 1 inch teardrop Lodolite bead with pretty red,burgundy, and fuschia inclusions
Non tarnish Stainless Steel chain adjusts 16-18.5 inches with a Clear Quartz bead at the end. This amplifies the energy of this pendant
12mm Stainless steel filigree connector
drop measures 3 inches from top of connector to bottom bead
Allnon tarnish Stainless Steel hardware

LODOLITE (inclusion Quartz)
Lodolite is said to bring energies that manifest ones desires.It also enhances communication with beings on the spiritual plane and heightens ones spiritual energies. It is used mystically to increase ESP and bring knowledge of your past lives. Lodolite is said to bring energies of love and strength, and is great for energetic shifting so that healing will occur.
   Physically it helps with burns, AIDS/HIV, heart burn, immune system, kidneys, memory, pain, Pineal Gland,Thyroid,and Vertigo.
It is a crown Chakra stone. 

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