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Rainbow Moonstone Healing Crystal Reiki Gemstone Toggle Necklace


This Spiritual Diva Jewelry RAINBOW MOONSTONE, energy healing crystal, genuine gemstone, Reiki toggle necklace, brings, new beginnings, inner growth, and strength. It soothes emotional instability, and stabilizes emotions providing calmness. It enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success, and good fortune in love and business matters. It aids in digestion, eliminates toxins, and fluid retention. Alleviates degenerative conditions of the skin,hair, and eyes.It balances hormones, and is great for PMS, conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. It is a fertility stone .

Every piece of Spiritual Diva jewelry comes with 2 description cards, describing each gemstone, how to clear and program, and a linen gift bag

This necklace has a genuine Rainbow Moonstone set stone that is 12mm. 
Non tarnish , strong stainless steel chain with toggle clasp. Measures 16 inches end to end .


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