Spiritual Diva Jewelry
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Spiritual Diva Jewelry

Throughout my lifetime I have often been called a "Diva ". I love the finer things in life, and I am not afraid to go after what I want . I tend to be a little (ok, a lot) high maintenance. I know exactly what I am looking for, and I am not afraid to speak my mind. Although, these things are true, I have another side to me that people don't see unless they really know me. Being intuitive and extremely empathic, I tend to have extreme compassion for other peoples situations, because of this gift and my strong personality, I tend to stand up for people and what is right. I understand the laws of the universe, and allow it to guide me to the right choices, where I can use my "Diva" side to help people who don't have the strength or knowledge to help themselves. 

give me strength

Spiritual Diva exists to spread the knowledge about the healing power of Reiki crystals to the world.  My name is Jen Traino I am the founder of Spiritual Diva.  I am a certified Reiki practitioner and have studied the properties of healing crystals for a number of years.  I hand make each piece of healing crystal jewelry from carefully selected crystals of the highest quality and vibration. I have created 13 healing categories as well as single gemstone jewelry. I sell bracelets, necklaces, and dog collars to cover every healing purpose. Every Piece of jewelry comes with description cards and a linen gift bag.  Crystals are a centerpiece of my life, at home and work. I hope to bring the passion for the healing power of crystals to you through the beautiful jewelry offered by Spiritual Diva.

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