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Archangel St Michael Stainless Steel Spiritual Charm Necklace


Spiritual Diva Jewelry Archangel Saint Michael, hypoallergenic, Stainless Steel necklace and pendant. Pick a size chain . Round Michael charm measures 18mm, and angel wing charm measures 12mm 

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Each piece of Spiritual Diva Jewelry comes with 2 description cards and a gift bag


Archangel Michael Sugilite - Spiritual DivaArchangel Michael is the leading angel who protects, defends, and fights evil with the power of good. He is the angel of truth, integrity, courage and strength. Archangel Michael assists in situations where you are afraid, confused or concerned for your safety. He helps to release doubts and fears, supports us in making life changes, and aids in the cutting of energetic cords. He is known to escort souls into the afterlife after death. Archangel Michael resonates with the color of deep purple, and he is associated with the crystal Sugilite . 


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