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Black Tourmaline Hematite Healing Crystal Mens Gemstone Reiki Bracelet


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This Spiritual Diva Jewelry, genuine gemstone, Black Tourmaline and Hematite, Men's, Unisex Reiki bracelet comes with 2 description cards (This piece has 3) explaining each healing crystal in detail, how to clear and program your jewelry with your intention, and a linen gift bag.

This bracelet comes in all sizes and is unisex 
7mm Genuine Black Tourmaline rounds 8x10mm Genuine Hematite hourglass beads
8mm non tarnish Stainless Steel bead

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A DIFFERENT SIZE THAN LISTED OR CUSTOM ORDER. leave the link in the custom order box along with what size you would like. Please order 1/4 inch larger then you would normally wear. I use thicker, quality elastic, so it is less likely to stretch out.

BLACK TOURMALINE is one of the best protection gemstones you can wear. It not only removes negative energy, but changes it to positive energy. It has an excellent effect on your well being . It is a strong grounding stone. It offers protection from psychic attack, negative entities, and energies from others and your surroundings. Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic smog (EMF), releases stress, helps with obsessive behavior, depression, and pain relief.

HEMATITE is a magnetic stone with strong healing and metaphysical properties. Being a Root Chakra crystal,it is a grounding stone that helps focus energy and emotions to balance the mind, spirit, and body. Metaphysically it is one of the strongest for energetic protection. It creates a protective shield around your aura, dissolves negative energy,and
prevents you from absorbing negativity from others. Physically the iron content in Hematite will help with regulating blood pressure. It promotes spinal alignment, alleviates pain, relieves cramps, and helps the body to heal after surgery. It also assists with healing fractured bones, and kidney disorders. Emotionally Hematite helps to release stress and anxiety. It boosts self confidence and power, and helps your thoughts to stay focused and balanced. It is a great stone for ADD.  

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