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Chrysocolla Energy Healing Crystal Reiki Gemstone Pendant Necklace


Spiritual Diva Jewelry Chrysocolla healing crystal Reiki Stainless Steel necklace. 

This necklace has a 2 inch genuine Chrysocolla teardrop bead, and all hardware is  non-tarnish stainless steel. Chain in photo measures 24 inches. (please leave a note at checkout for a different length) 

   Each piece of Spiritual Diva Jewelry comes complete with 2 description cards describing the purpose of each crystal, how to clear and program your crystals, and gift bag 

   CHRYSOCOLLA is a powerful encourager of self expression and communication. It is a Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra crystal. It helps to teach the art of when to speak and when to keep quiet. Chrysocolla is a helpful crystal for the zodiac sign Gemini. It is the stone of forgiveness and peace, and helps to strengthen emotional bonds. It encourages compassion, and the empowerment of feminine energies. It also helps with anxiety,depression, and releasing feelings of guilt.
   Physically Chrysocolla assists in the regulation of the thyroid, adrenals, and 
anything throat related. It is also beneficial for high blood pressure, diabetes, and lung disorders.

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