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Selenite Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Reiki Gemstone Necklace Pendant


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This Spiritual Diva Jewelry Selenite and Clear Quartz Stainless Steel adjustable necklace and pendant comes with 2 description cards describing each gemstone in detail, how to clear and program your jewelry, and a linen gift bag.

This necklace measures 3 inches from top of bail to bottom of pendant 

Adjustable Stainless Steel chain adjusts from 25 to 27 inches with a Clear Quartz bead charm on the end .

1.5 inch selenite pendant bead and an 8x12mm faceted Clear quartz bead ( These are natural stones, you will receive a similar piece but not all Selenite is formed the same way.)

All non tarnish Stainless Steel hardware 

Please click HERE for a custom order 

SELENITE is a Crown Chakra crystal that vibrates on a higher level, and helps us connect with our spiritual source and the angelic realm. It has the ability to self cleanse and recharge itself. It can also cleanse other crystals. Selenite is a highly protective stone. It acts to shield our aura from negative energy and outside influences. It can also be used to cut energetic cords or ties with others. (Click HERE for more information on this subject)

Physically Selenite can heal and repair on a cellular level, and can reverse the effects of free radicals. Selenite can help with problems associated with the spine and skeletal system.  It is also helpful for clearing the mind, which can be beneficial for those who suffer from Alzheimers and Dementia. Selenite is also helpful for epilepsy and seizures.


 CLEAR QUARTZ is known as the "Master Healer", and is one of the most versatile stones you can use. It amplifies thought and energy, making it a great stone for manifestation, and will also amplify the vibration of any other crystals you might be wearing.
Clear Quartz balances emotions and stimulates the thinking process. It balances all the chakras and enhances your ability to heal. It stimulates the Pineal and Pituitary gland, and also stimulates the immune and circulatory systems, enhancing energy flow throughout the body . It has been used to treat Migraine headaches, vertigo, dizziness or motion sickness, and is believed to assist with metabolism, exhaustion, and weight loss.

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Cutting Energetic Cords and Attachments 

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