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CHRONIC PAIN Relief Healing Crystal Reiki Gemstone Angel Bracelet


This Spiritual Diva Jewelry, energy healing crystal, Reiki Stainless Steel adjustable toggle clasp bracelet, provides a holistic approach to Chronic Pain relief, helps to transform your physical condition, and improve your state of mind.

Each piece of jewelry comes with 2 description cards explaining the purpose of each gemstone, how to clear and program them with your intention, and a gift bag 

This bracelet Adjusts from 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches. CLICK HERE FOR CUSTOM ORDER
8x 12 mm blue Kyanite tube bead
6 and 7mm rounds and 8x12mm hourglass Hematite beads
10mm Stainless Steel Angel charm
8mm Stainless Steel Heart charm. I can change charms upon request. Click custom order button

Decreases negativity, reduces stress, helps balance the body and promotes spinal alignment.

A stone of transformation that assist you in changing situations and inviting spiritual growth. This stone heals on both the physical and emotional level, drawing out impurities and stimulating the life force throughout the aura of the body.

Grounding, balancing and removes blockages, this protection stone boosts the immune system, and relieves pain and muscular disorders. Clears Electromagnetic smog and radiation

A natural pain reliever that promotes balance and aligns the chakras.

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