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INNER BEAUTY Healing Crystal Reiki Copper Gemstone Bracelet Moonstone


This Spiritual Diva Jewelry Reiki, Beauty Inside and Out energy healing crystal, genuine gemstone and copper adjustable S clasp bracelet, enhances physical beauty, and helps you shine from the inside out. True beauty starts from within, the energy you hold inside and in your auric field always manifests itself on the outside.

Copper easily transfers energy, which makes it a powerful metal that directs energy, both electrical and physical. It is  great for directing Magical energy, and  acts as an aide in the body’s healing process. Copper also contributes the same wonderful healing qualities to crystals and minerals.

Each piece of jewelry comes with 2 description cards explaining the purpose of each gemstone, how to clear and program them with your intention, and a gift bag.

This bracelet adjusts # sizes 6.5 to 8 inches CLICK HERE FOR CUSTOM ORDERS AND SIZE CHANGE

Genuine 16mm genuine Copper S clasp is easy to get on and does not fall off.
10x14mm Genuine Mookaite Jasper center bead
8 and 7 mm gemstone rounds
All genuine copper spacers and hardware 
8mm genuine Moonstone bead charm

Increases self-confidence while supporting proper fluid intake, boosting the immune system, and helping to counter the effects of aging.

A stone of reflection that helps you look within for self-improvement. This stone balance emotions and the hormonal system, eliminates fluid retention, and alleviates conditions of the skin and hair while helping to relieve PMS.

Assists in restoring luster and shine to hair and nails, increases collagen and reduces wrinkles. This stone promotes self-confidence and the ability to have compassion for yourself.

A stone for courage and communication, this stone is an excellent tool for self-development. Also great for hydrating the skin, fluid retention, hair loss and acne.

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