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PROTECTION Evil Eye Hamsa Hand Healing Crystal Reiki Bracelet SALE

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Spiritual Diva Jewelry Reiki, Evil Eye, genuine gemstone, healing crystal, Protection adjustable clasp bracelets will create a shield to protect from negative energy from people and your surroundings. It helps to release negative emotions like stress, anger, anxiety and feelings of depression.

This bracelet adjusts 3 sizes fits from 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches. CLICK HERE FOR CUSTOM ORDER (sale prices are are for as is)

Toggle is 10mm I use smaller toggles because they do not fall off! Easy to get on
10x13mm Hamsa Hand bead
6mm,7mm, and 8mm rounds
7mm evil eye bead charm
Antique Silver

BLACK TOURMALINE – Grounds negative energy into positive and is a powerful psychic protection stone.Helps to clear Electromagnetic Smog.

HEMATITE – A highly protective, grounding and balancing energy. Helps women who lack courage.

LAPIS LAZULI – Stimulates wisdom, good judgment and inner truth. Relieves stress and protects against negative energy from others.

AMETHYST – Provides psychic protection calm, balance, and patience. Heals personal losses , grief and helps with addictions.

Every Spiritual Diva healing piece of jewelry comes with a complete description of each gemstone and their purpose / power, how-to instructions to clear, program and tune the stones to achieve optimal results, and a gift bag

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