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Tiger Eye Yellow Calcite Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet


Spiritual Diva Jewelry Tiger Eye Yellow Calcite Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Crystal Reiki Unisex genuine gemstone bracelet. This bracelet will come with 2 description cards describing each crystal, how to clear and program your gemstones, and a gift bag.

TIGER EYE helps to release fears and anxieties. It is a great stone for giving courage and self confidence, and with helping those who experience lack of self worth. Tiger Eye will help you to accomplish goals because it enhances focus and creativity. Physically Tiger Eye increases vitality and strength, and boosts the endocrine system. It also helps with asthma, high blood pressure, depression and seasonal effective disorder.

YELLOW CALCITE helps to increase your vitality and strength. It can give one new hope and sense of optimism to face the future. Yellow Calcite is great for clearing out old energy patterns and self doubt, and increasing motivation. Physically Yellow Calcite benefits the upper intestines, stomach, spine and upper back. It increases energy levels and strength.

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