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Cancer Immune System Recovery Healing Crystal Men Olive Wood Bracelet


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This Spiritual Diva healing crystal and Olive Wood, Reiki bracelet is unisex. It assists with cancer healing, Immune system, surgery recovery, and helping to keep the body strong when fighting off sickness and disease. It will also help with some of the negative effects of cancer treatments and chemotherapy, and with emotional well-being, strength and keeping a positive outlook.

Each piece of Spiritual Diva Jewelry comes with 2 description cards explaining the purpose of each gemstone, how to clear and program them with your intention, and a gift bag. When ordering stretch bracelets, please order 1/4 inch larger than you would normally wear. We use thicker, quality elastic, so it is less likely to break or stretch out.

This bracelet is made with sacred Olive Wood beads from the Holy Land in Bethlehem
It comes in all sizes and is unisex
8mm rounds
8x12mm Natural Lapis Lazuli center bead
high quality thick stretch elastic

OLIVE WOOD - It is said that the Tree of Life in the Garden of eden was an olive tree. Olive wood offers insight , inspiration, aids in communication, promotes peacefulness , joy, and a deep sense of devotion .

Is good for purifying the blood and stimulating the immune system. It wards off colds, flu, infections, inflammation, and revitalizes the body after illness, injury, surgery, or cancer treatments. It has been known to help shrink tumors over time.

A healer for the lower body, abdomen and legs. Assists in the treatment of radiation sickness and the after effects of chemotherapy. Dispels negative energy helping you to keep a positive attitude during recovery.

Cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Draws off negative energy and stress. It cleanses, dispels and reorganizes anything in the body and environment that is not perfect. It creates balance by eradicating disruptive cellular growth and helps with cleansing and reconstructing DNA

A great immune system booster. Relieves pain and inflammation and aids in the treatment of cancer. Helps with depression

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