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PROSPERITY ABUNDANCE Healing Crystal Reiki Angel Gemstone Bracelet


This Spiritual DivaJewelry, Prosperity & Abundance energy healing crystal, Reiki Stainless Steel and gemstone stretch bracelet, helps to attract abundance, wealth, prosperity and good luck into your life. Each genuine gemstone raises your vibration, and much like a tuning fork, resonates that same quality in the wearer.

Each piece of Spiritual Diva jewelry comes with 2 description cards explaining the purpose of each genuine gemstone, how to clear and program them with your intention, and a gift bag! I use only Genuine high quality beads. Please order 1/4 inch larger then you would normally wear. I use thicker, quality elastic, so it is less likely to stretch out.

This bracelet comes in all sizes CLICK HERE FOR A CUSTOM ORDER 
7mm and 6mm rounds
8x12mm center genuine Green Aventurine bead.
10mm Stainless Steel Angel wing charm
10 mm Stainless Steel BELIEVE charm. I can change charms upon request.

Often called the Merchant Stone, this stone increases cash flow and teaches us to attract and keep wealth, prosperity and success by removing negative energy.

Creates a positive attitude toward money, promotes good luck and attracts money into your life.

Draws abundance into your life, releases bad Karma and eases depression, and grounds your dreams into reality.

Known as the stone of Opportunity, this stone attracts luck and wealth, promotes confidence and helps you embrace change.

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