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Quantum Quattro Smoky Quartz Healing Crystal Men Unisex Reiki Bracelet


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This Spiritual Diva Jewelry genuine Quantum Quattro Silica Smoky Quartz energy healing crystal, Reiki Men's Unisex gemstone bracelet. Contains five powerful healing minerals in one crystal.

This bracelet comes in all sizes and is unisex. Click HERE for a custom order 

8mm round Quantum Quattro beads. 7mm round Smoky Quartz beads

8x12mm bone shaped Smoky Quartz center bead

Quantum Quattro is composed of five powerful, copper based minerals Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Smoky Quartz, and Malachite. These minerals alone are powerful , but combined these crystals pack one powerful, vibrational healing punch. It's blue green rays radiate healing energy that align all of your chakras. It surrounds your aura and body with emotional and physical, protective vibrations. It is a strong immune system booster that works with DNA structure on a cellular level. It is helpful in healing past grief and trauma.

Malachite -deeply healing crystal. Helps with releasing things that no longer serve you. Heals past traumas.

Shattuckite -provides balance, clears stuck energy and traumas from past lives.

Smoky Quartz -protection from negative energy. Helps with sadness and depression 

Dioptase -heals the heart chakra. Helps you to have gratitude and live in present moment

Chrysocolla - strengthens emotional bonds and promotes forgiveness 

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Every Spiritual Diva healing piece of jewelry comes with a complete description of each gemstone and their purpose/power, how-to instructions to clear, program and tune the stones to achieve optimal results, and a linen gift bag. 

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