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Attract Your Soulmate With Crystals & Gemstones - Spiritual Diva

Attract Your Soulmate with Crystals Gemstones - Spiritual Diva Jewelry 

   I truly believe that each soul has a perfect match. Your true soulmate or twin flame was predetermined before you even came to this earth. They are in harmony with your soul and resonate with your own energy. Being a mirror image of one another, they can connect to you without even needing to speak. You and your soulmate will have a bond no one else can understand.


  However, a soulmate or Twin Flame relationship Isn't always a bed of roses, being a mirror, it is the person who shows you everything that is holding you back. They bring things to your attention that will change your life. They tear down your walls, and smack you awake at times. This person was put here on earth with you to advance you on your spiritual journey. They teach us lessons, and help us to see ourselves for who we really are. Usually when soulmates or Twin Flames unite, it can uncover past pains, hurts, and trauma so that healing occurs. This relationship forces you to respond with love so you can survive together. It teaches you the true meaning of unconditional love, and breaks your heart chakra wide open. You will never be the same. So, How do we attract and keep this person? Keep reading ......!

soulmate Spiritual Diva

  In order to attract our soulmate, we need to be a vibrational or energetic match. The number one way to raise your vibration is to love yourself. A soulmate does not "Complete You" you, complete yourself. If we do not believe we are loveable on our own, we will attract another who feels unlovable. Your soulmate relationship vibrates at a much higher level then this, therefore you will not be an energetic match.

   Keeping a positive out look will also raise your vibration. The higher your vibration is the faster you can manifest your desires . You need to truly believe your soulmate is out there, and that the universe will send them to you when the time is right. Let go of any feelings of self pity, and do not concentrate your attention on NOT having it . You will only lower your vibration and get discouraged. Let it go, and try and focus on other subjects that make you happy. It doesn't matter how you raise your vibration, as long as you do things that keep you in a positive inner state.

Awaken the Divine Tricia Topping Spiritual Diva BlogThis is one of my favorite quotes from a book called Awaken The Divine,  by Tricia Topping."whatever you choose and accept must develop in your experience because it is attracted to you by an irresistible and immutable law" A great book about the laws of the universe! pick it up on amazon. Click the above link.

   Crystals and gemstones are a great tool for helping you to raise your vibration, and keeping a positive inner state. My recommendations for the best crystals to attract your soulmate are as follows.

   Rose Quartz Soulmate crystal Spiritual Diva Jewelry
Stimulates unconditional love and appreciation for love of ones self. Rose quartz opens us up to sensitivity and allows us to have empathy and compassion for yourself and others. It has a very high energy, and this strong energy can enhance love in virtually any situation. It helps transmute heavy, sorrowful energies into a lighter, positive energy. Rose quartz unblocks your heart chakra, and helps you let go of self sabotaging beliefs, which is a must  to attract your soulmate.

Rhodochrosite Soulmate crystal Spiritual Diva JewelryRHODOCHROSITE is known to attract a soulmate or someone who helps you learn life lessons. It encourages self-love and heals traumatic past experiences. It helps you to reclaim joy and playfulness. It helps you to have confidence to use your will to create your reality. Rhodochrosite inspires a positive attitude, as well as a brave heart that is ready to express love and pursue your dreams. It can guide you towards emotional happiness, and help you extinguish doubt. It also helps you express love towards others without fear of rejection.

Garnet soulmate crystal Spiritual Diva JewelryGARNET aids in healing broken bonds of love. It alleviates emotional disharmony, and has a calming affect that protects the wearer from unwanted negative energy. It inspires love, passion, and devotion. Garnet releases bad Karma, grounds ones dreams into reality and releases abandonment issues. It enhances sensuality and intimacy. It provides security and comfort  in times of transition, such as, just casually dating someone, to a more permanent relationship.


Rhodonite Spiritual Divaremoves irrational fears. It opens your heart to unconditional love, so you are able to truly love another. It grounds negative energy, balances emotions, and helps with depression. The best attribute that Rhodonite has for the purpose of attracting your soulmate, is that it calms impatience. It allows you to go with the flow without needing things to manifest this very moment



Tantric Twin Soulmate Quartz Crystal Spiritual Diva Jewelryis a crystal with two terminations at the same end, which grow from the same base. Tantric Twin crystals help attract like minded people, and in this way will help you attract your soulmate. They can help gain insight to the underlying issues of relationship problems, and guide us to ways to work things out . This is helpful when sorting out the intense energy you will experience when you do meet your soulmate. These crystals strengthen and deepen relationships. They harmonize and balance the energies of two people.

    Every crystal vibrates differently. Each one holds its own frequency of energy properties. Combining these crystals will amplify the effects of the frequency, making it a powerful combination. You can use these crystals during meditation to enhance the energy. When we meditate we raise our vibration, which makes it optimal for manifesting our desire. Hold these crystals in your left hand while visualizing your soulmate. Feel what it would feel like to be with them, imagine the things you will do together. This creates positive, happy feelings that are raising your vibration.  I truly believe in the power of crystals, however you need to do the internal work on your own. Owning these crystals will help you navigate towards your soulmate, but you first need to make yourself a vibrational match.

If you are going through a break up read my blog on Which Crystals Help Heal Your Heart Chakra After a Breakup
Crystals Getting Over Break Up Healing Heart Chakra - Spiritual Diva Jewelry


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I have combined all of the crystals listed above on my SOULMATE collection of healing crystal Reiki jewelry. Visit my website SpiritualDivaJewelry.Com

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   Spiritual Diva Jewelry Rose Quartz Love Fertility Reiki Energy Healing Crystal Charm Bracelet  Soulmate Love Healing Crystal copper Reiki Gemstone Bracelet - Spiritual Diva Jewelry Soulmate Love Healing Crystal Reiki Gemstone Adjustable Bracelet - Spiritual Diva Jewelry Soulmate Energy Healing Crystal Reiki Gemstone Tassel Love Necklace - Spiritual Diva Jewelry

Spiritual Diva Jewelry Soulmate Attract Love Energy Healing Crystal Reiki Gemstone Bracelet Soulmate Love Healing Crystal Rose Gold Olive Wood Reiki Gemstone Bracelet - Spiritual Diva Jewelry

  Spiritual Diva SOULMATE Attract Love Healing Crystal Reiki Angel Gemstone Bracelet Rose Quartz Love Copper rose gold healing crystal reiki gemstone angel Bracelet- Spiritual Diva

Soulmate Crystal Collection Spiritual Diva Jewelry Rose Quartz Love Copper healing crystal reiki gemstone necklace pendant - Spiritual Diva

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Soulmate Attract Love Energy Healing Crystal Reiki Gemstone Bracelet - Spiritual Diva Jewelry

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