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The Heart Chakra - Love, Compassion, And Forgiveness - Spiritual Diva

  Heart Charkra - Love Compassion forgiveness - Spiritual Diva Jewelry
  The heart Chakra is the fourth energy center located in the center of the chest. It resonates with the colors green and pink.  Chakras are the energy centers which exist in your subtle etheric body. This is the energy center associated with our capacity to love unconditionally, experience deep meaningful relationships, our ability to have compassion and to forgive, and being able to appreciate the beauty in all things.  It is important for this area to be balanced so that we don't experience negative emotional and physical health issues.Heart Chakra Physical and Emotional - Spiritual Diva
Emotional Signs Of A Heart Chakra Imbalance 
   When the Heart Chakra is out of balance or has a blockage you may experience fear of intimacy, be emotionally closed down, be considered anti-social, or isolate yourself excessively. People with blockages in this area tend to be overly defensive, and have tendencies to put themselves in the role of the rescuer or savior,  leading them to fall into the victimization role. When the heart chakra is out of balance you may tend to hold grudges, not be able to forgive, and lack compassion for yourself or others. Codependency, trying to please others, or always seeking others approval is also a sign of a Heart Chakra imbalance.
Physical Signs Of A Heart Chakra Imbalance 
     When the Heart Chakra is out of balance, it will almost certainly manifest itself as physical illness eventually in the areas of the body that are governed by it. Some of the physical symptoms may include, heart disease and circulatory issues. Respiratory issues such as bronchitis, Pneumonia, and lung infections are all common when the Heart Chakra has blockages. Have you ever experienced a break-up? That aching feeling you get in your chest, like your heart it literally breaking in half, is due to a blockage or imbalances in your heart Chakra.
A Balanced Heart Chakra 
   When the Heart Chakra is in balance you have the ability to give and receive love unconditionally, making it possible to form healthy relationships. You are able to feel gratitude and see the beauty in all things. A balanced Heat Chakra promotes feelings of calmness and serenity, and the ability to feel at peace. You are able to feel compassion and empathy for others, and can forgive others without holding grudges. A balanced Heart Chakra makes it easy to respect and accept others for who they are without judgement. 
  There are many crystals and gemstones that help to balance and clear the Heart Chakra of blockages. Each crystal vibrates with specific frequencies of color and light. Crystals and gemstones can regulate the vibrational rate associated with each Chakra, and bring it into balance. Heart Chakra crystals resonate with the color green or pink.
Rose Quartz Heart Chakra crystal - Spiritual DivaRose Quartz will help to attract love, your soulmate, and improve your relationships. It is Known as the "love stone" It stimulates unconditional love and self love. Rose quartz has a very high energy, and this strong energy can help with unblocking the Heart Chakra, and enhancing love in virtually any situation. It benefits the heart, circulatory system, fertility, depression, sexual dysfunction, acne, and slows the aging process by reducing wrinkles.
Rhodochrosite Heart Chakra Crystal - Spiritual Diva Rhodochrosite opens the Heart Chakra and helps to attract love a soulmate or someone who helps you learn life lessons. It encourages self-love and heals traumatic past experiences. It helps with the expression of feelings, and can enhance sexuality and passion. Physically Rhodochrosite is beneficial to the heart and circulatory system, and helps to stabilize blood pressure and heat rate.
Jade Heart Chakra Healing Crystal - Spiritual Diva Jade is a “Crystal of Tranquility”. It Soothes the emotions and helps to keep peace. It provides a sense of self-worth and strength to endure grief and painful situations. It promotes harmony and balance through emotional detachment. Jade is an excellent crystal for balancing and unblocking the Heart Chakra after a traumatic experience. It also treats the excessive need to belong, and with needing to please people at all costs. Physically Jade is useful for treating bacterial infections, aids in detoxification, boosting the Immune System, and improving heart and lung function. 
Green Aventurine heart Chakra Healing Crystal - Spiritual Diva Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity. This stone attracts luck and wealth, promotes confidence and helps you embrace change. It's vibration soothes the mind and body, promotes inner peace, and reduces stress. Green aventurine helps to resolve and rebalance blockages in the Heart Chakra, and with understanding our own needs and emotions clearly. Physically Green Aventurine is helpful for cardiac conditions, circulatory problems, recovering after surgery or illness, and stimulating life force energy throughout the body
Meditation is a great and effective way to balance and clear your Chakras. Below is a meditation I like to do when my Heart Chakra feels out of balance.  

1. Hold your crystals in your left hand (you can even do this without crystals) while sitting, or place them on your body in the center of your chest while lying down. 

2. Take a deep breath in and imagine a white light coming into the top of your head, and filling your body

3. When you breathe out imagine a dark cloud of smog releasing any negative energy and stress.

4. Imagine a pink or green (whichever resonates with you) circular ball of light in the center of your chest spinning clockwise. Every time you breathe in imagine this pink or green light getting bigger and brighter. When you breathe out imagine all of the blockages and negative energy leaving through your mouth in a grey or black smog.

5. Repeat out loud or in your head one of these three affirmations (or all if they pertain to you or your situation)

"I forgive and have compassion for myself and others"

"I love myself and others, and am open to receiving love"

" I am grateful, and appreciate all of life's blessings and lessons" 

Repeat this for 5-30 minutes 

   When this energy center is clear, you will feel balanced and at ease. This meditation helps to build self love and compassion, heal grief and heartache, forgive others, and to be grateful for all you have. You may need to repeat this meditation multiple times, or whenever you are feeling any of the negative emotions listed above. It is recommended that you make it a practice to clear your chakras regularly in order to maintain balance.

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