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Empath Crystal Protection Against Energy Vampires - Spiritual Diva

Empath Crystal Protection Against Energy Vampires - Spiritual Diva

   Every day we encounter many energies from different kinds of people, some positive and some negative. Have you ever noticed how you feel when spending time with certain people? When spending time with positive people it makes us feel good, but spending time with negative people who drain your energy, can make us feel physically and emotionally drained and exhausted. These people are called "Energy Vampires"!

  Energy Vampire and Empath - Spiritual Diva  If you are an Intuitive empath like myself, or someone who is sensitive to the energies of others, it can be torture to be around these kinds of people. You can actually take on the pain of others either emotionally or physically. Energy vampires tend to be drawn to compassionate, sensitive people. These individuals can be drama filled, malicious, overbearing, or even be oblivious to the negative energy they exude. Energy vampires can even be family members, spouses, or co workers, which makes it difficult to get away from them. Energy Vampires usually have a lower energetic vibration. As an attempt to heal their inner turmoil, they will energetically drain the person with a higher energetic vibration. This is usually something they are not even intentionally aware of. However, it is important for you to understand that you are not responsible for resolving their issues. Being an empath makes you an extremely compassionate person, due to the fact that you can feel the emotions of others. However it is them who is responsible for sorting out their own drama and emotional turmoil, NOT you.

  Whenever possible, it is very important for you well being to distance yourself from energy vampires. However, we can't always control who we have to be around. Some of these people are family members or co workers. So, unless you quit your job or move far away, you will need to find ways to protect your energy field. There are many crystals that you can keep within your aura to protect you from energy vampires. These crystals can be carried as tumbled stones, worn on jewelry, or kept in your workspace.

Here are my crystal suggestions for protection against these energy sucking individuals.

labradorite - Spiritual Diva Jewelry Labradorite can protect your aura from energy vampires by deflecting negative energies. It creates a shielding force around you, and can help to block people's energies and problems from invading your energetic space.  Labradorite enhances your intuition which can be helpful for knowing which people to stay clear of. 

Black Tourmaline - Spiritual Diva Jewelry  Black Tourmaline is one of the best protection gemstones you can wear. It not only removes negative energy, but changes it to positive energy. It has an excellent effect on your well being. It is a strong grounding stone. It offers protection from psychic attack, negative entities, and energies from others and your surroundings. Black Tourmaline helps to release stress, anxiety, and depression. This is helpful for empaths who take on the negative emotions of others.

Citrine - Spiritual Diva Jewelry Citrine is a crystal that promotes happiness and well being. It holds no negative energy, so it never needs clearing. It emits large amounts of positive energy and clears overpowering negative energy. Citrine can release the energies of those who are attaching themselves to your auric field, and helps to prevent them from reconnecting. 

Selenite - Spiritual Diva JewelrySelenite is an extremely high vibrational crystal. It has the ability to self cleanse and recharge itself. It can also cleanse other crystals. Selenite is a highly protective stone. It acts to shield our aura from negative energy and outside influences. It can also be used to cut energetic cords or ties with others. Energetic cords are psychic attachments or energetic ties of invisible energy between two people. Whenever I feel that a negative energetic cord has been formed with an energy vampire, I write their name on a piece of paper and put a piece of selenite on top of it. I actually keep a large selenite tower in the 
Cutting energetic cords - spiritual Divasalon I own. For more information on this subject read my blog 
 Cutting Energetic Cords and Attachments 

Whenever I need to be around energy vampires this is a meditation I like to do.

. Hold these 4 crystals in your left hand (you can even do this without crystals)

. Take a deep breath in and imagine a white light filling your body 

. when you breathe out envision a white light or protective bubble surrounding you

. set an intention that no one else's energy can penetrate this bubble 


I hope you found this blog helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions below. I would be happy to answer them
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  • Remzo on

    Hi I want to thank you and all of the other authorities on the protection stones, and wanted to know if there is a strongest form of a stone or are they weakened by shaping them is a rough stone just as potent as a polished which form is best thank you so much.

  • Nicole on

    Wondering if these stones would work if the vampire wore them….would it prevent them from taking others energies?

  • Gracetina on

    I love crystal and love to buy customised bracelet for wealth, protection and health and improvement if my business


    yes I can do that. hit the custom order request button on the home page, or message me at spiritualdivajewelry@gmail.com

  • Lisa RUDKIN on

    Can you make me a choker or necklace with all the empath stones ?
    Lisa Rudkin

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