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What is an Empath? Are You One?- How Crystals Can Protect Your Aura

 What Is An Empath? Crystals to Protect Your Aura

   An empath is someone who has the ability to feel others energies and feelings. They can intuitively perceive others moods, physical sensitivities, and sometimes others intentions. Being an empath myself, I can truly say that is very easy for an empath to pick up energy from other people. Sometimes it is hard to discern which energy is yours, and which energy is someone else's. An empath can also feel the energies of the spirit world very easily. In my experience, most empaths I know are sensitive to everything including food and toxins in the environment.  It is very uncomfortable for an empath to be in a negative environment. They can actually feel negativity, usually in their solar plexus chakra, which is located in between the ribs above the belly button. Negative energy of the physical and spirit worlds can cause an empath extreme anxiety. Point blank, it just feels really bad. It can make you extremely exhausted and mentally drained. Most empaths can literally feel when someone they are close to is sad or in danger even when they are not in their presence.

   The spirit world is mostly harmless, even when a empath can feel it's presence. They know it is there, but it will not affect their well being. However, a negative spirit, or a place where negative events have taken place can be felt in a chilling way. Speaking from experience, it can make you feel physically ill, and riddled with anxiety and fear.

   Most empaths tend to be introverted. Sometimes they don't know why, but it is usually because they are only dealing with their own energy in a secluded environment. A simple trip to the mall where there are many energies, can be torture for many empaths. 

   Crystal energy can be extremely helpful to empaths. Crystals can shield your aura from negative energy of people and your surroundings. They can also help you to release negative emotions you may have picked up, and negative energies from the spirit world. Below are my favorite crystals for empaths.

Amethyst Empath Protection Spiritual Diva Jewelry

Amethyst is a great protection crystal. It repels negative energy from both the spirit and physical world. It is a great stone for empaths because it protects against psychic attack or energy vampires. Amethyst can calm anxiety, and soothe your emotions in public places, where there are many people and energies. I use Amethyst on my Protection Collection for this reason


Black Tourmaline Spiritual Diva JewelryBlack Tourmaline is one of the best protection crystals for empaths. It not only removes negative energy, but changes it to positive energy. It has an excellent effect on your well being. It is a strong grounding stone, protects from psychic attack, and negative entities. It protects against electromagnetic smog, releases stress, and helps with obsessive behavior and depression. I always carry or wear Black Tourmaline in public places because of its strong deflective energy. 

Fluorite empath protection Spiritual Diva JewelryFluorite calms and relieves anxiety and stress. It is beneficial to empaths because unblocks and releases stuck energies that you might have taken on. Fluorite clears negativity from your energy field and thoughts, protects against electromagnetic radiation, and lower forms of energies and entities. Fluorite helps empaths to keep healthy personal boundaries, deal with drama, and provides clarity and direction.


Malachite empath protection crystals Spiritual Diva JewelryMalachite is helpful to empaths because it unblocks and rebalances the heart chakra. Because an empath can take on the emotions of others, they tend to have great sympathy for people. They take on their sadness and emotional pain as if it were their own. This can cause the heart chakra to be out of balance. Malachite helps empaths to understand their own needs and emotions clearly, and helps discern what feelings are theirs and what are the feelings of others.

Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Diva Lapis Lazuli stimulates wisdom, good judgement, and inner truth. It relieves stress and protects against negative energies. It can help to release blockages due to held in emotions. Lapis is a great stone for empaths to keep at work, because it will help to clear your mind of others distracting energies. I keep a large Lapis Pyramid at Spiritual Diva Hair Design, which is the hair salon I own. It helps me to stay focused when I have a lot going own, and also to be able to judge which are my emotions, and which are the emotions of my clients.

     Being an empath also has some really positive qualities. Empaths can meet someone and immediately know if a person is trustworthy. I have often been called judgmental because sometimes  "I just don't like someone", but I am grateful for this, because 9 out of 10 times I am right. Empaths can use their intuition to make proper choices in life, because they can feel what is right and wrong in their gut. I have learned to trust this tool many times to make difficult decisions, and it never lets me down. Being empathic helps you to truly understand someone who is not good at communicating their emotions. Because you can feel what they feel, they do not need to put it into words. It creates an almost immediate bond with that person. so, as long as you learn how to protect yourself, and how to set emotional boundaries, being an empath isn't such a bad thing. Most of the time I consider it a gift !

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    I believe that I may be an Empath. What can I do to further develope this ability? Please respond because I need help. Thank you.

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    Good afternoon, I was wondering if you sell a certain bracelet or necklace for an empaths protection? I need help when I go out into the world and am around others…. I have a hard time with not turning off whatever ability I have to pull in others energies and it’s causing me to live in a shell. Thanks in advance

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