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Crystals For Getting Over A Breakup And Healing Your Heart Chakra

 Crystals For Getting Over a Break Up Healing Heart chakra - Spiritual Diva

   Breakups can be devastating. We have all been there. Sometimes we experience such a feeling of loss, that we can wonder if we will ever feel joy again. That feeling your heart is literally splitting in two, is coming from your heart chakra . Strong emotions we feel after a breakup can cause our heart chakra to become out of balance . Crystals and gemstones can help to balance this energy center, and help with feelings of despair by raising your vibration. When your vibration is higher, You feel better, and it is easier to stay in a positive inner state. Below are a some of my favorites. 

Pink Kunzite 

  Pink Kunzite Breakup Crystal Spiritual Diva Jewelry Pink Kunzite encourages one to release emotional pain, and to be receptive to receive unconditional love. It helps relieve heartache over loss or separation, and in overcoming heartbreak after a relationship breakup. It is helpful to those who have closed themselves off from life and others , to protect themselves emotionally. Pink Kunzite will help you to let your guard down, and be able to let love in again. It cleanses your heat chakra and aura of negative vibrations and situations.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline Breakup crystal Spiritual Diva   Wearing or having Pink Tourmaline in your aura helps release stress, worries, depression and anxiety. It can be used with Black Tourmaline to diffuse obsessive behavior. It is an amazing crystal for cleansing your heart chakra of destructive thoughts and feelings, and guides us towards self love and compassion. Pink Tourmaline helps us to change old relationship patterns that no longer serve our best interest. It helps you to trust enough to open your heart again to someone new, and helps you recover your joy of life again. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz love crystal - Spiritual Diva Jewelry   Rose quartz is called the "Love Stone" It has comforting and soothing energy that will help to heal your heart chakra. It also lowers stress and soothes those around it. Rose Quartz helps with love in all aspects of life . Not only does Rose Quartz help with attracting new love, but will help you to love yourself. 


Selenite spiritual Diva Jewelry Cutting energetic cords   Selenite is a crystal I use for cutting energetic cords. 
Selenite is a highly protective stone. It acts to shield our aura from outside influences. Energetic cords are psychic attachments or energetic ties of invisible energy between two people or a past situations that hold a strong emotional pull with another person. These same cords have a way of keeping things and people in your energetic field that you no longer want in your life .  Even when you end a relationship with another, unhealthy patterns from when you were together flow back and forth through that cord. Whenever I need to cut a cord with someone, I write their name on a piece of paper and put a selenite tower or stick on top of it.Cutting Energetic Cords Spiritual Diva Jewelry I actually wrote a whole blog on Cutting Energetic Cords. Click the link below to read https://spiritualdivajewelry.com/blogs/spiritual-diva-jewelry-news-and-healing-crystal-facts/cutting-energetic-cords

   Life is all about the journey. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. Every person that comes into your life is either a blessing or a lesson. Until you learn from your mistakes, you will keep repeating them over and over again. Until you change your vibrational energy, you will keep on attracting the same destructive relationship again and again.(sound familiar?) Love yourself and know your worth. Nothing raises your vibration higher then self love. When you truly own and love who you are, you will attract someone into your life that matches that vibration. Someone who is secure enough in themselves to love you the way you deserve. A person who has self love, does not need to tear you down to make themselves feel better. 

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