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Sugilite Crystal Healing, Living Your Truth, And Trusting Your Journey

 Sugilite Crystal Living Your Truth Trusting Your Journey Spiritual Diva Jewelry

   Sugilite is a crystal for teaching you how to live from your own truth. It brings wisdom and helps you to comprehend that truth is the highest form of love, while helping you to understand the lessons of your life's journey, and how to evolve your soul.

 Sugilite Spiritual Diva Jewelry Emotionally, Sugilite encourages positive thoughts, and helps to relieve emotional turmoil as well as despair. Sugilite helps you to let go of the past as well as negative memories, traumas, or negative life experiences, and move forward in a positive way. It helps you to have the inner strength to recognize the bigger picture of the problem at hand.  Sugilite helps you to have compassion for all living beings, and to love and be loved without neediness. Sugilite encourages you to forgive yourself and others, and helps you to see the good in people.

   Physically Sugilite strengthens the heart and reduces heart palpitations. It reduces stress, anxiety, and worry to aid in healing. It strengthens your resistance to toxic environments , and helps reduce sensitivity to foods and other allergens. Sugilite helps to relieve pain and headaches, and is said to help Cancer sufferers by gently releasing feelings of despair and hopelessness. It also helps with Insomnia and nightmares. Sugilite also is a great stone to help with addictions as well as eating disorders, because it helps to release the underlying emotional issues that contribute to them.

Sugilite Spiritual Diva Jewelry  Sugilite is a third Eye and Crown Chakra crystal, but it opens and clears all of our chakras and purifies our aura. It enhances our psychic ability and helps with lucid dreaming, and dream recall. It helps to connect with our spirit guides, and to understand the symbolism they send us in dreams. Sugilite helps you to explore the spiritual truth of your souls journey. Have you ever thought "why am I here? "or "what is my souls purpose"? Sugilite helps you to understand and trust your souls purpose on this earth, the lessons you need to learn in this life, and how you can add to the lives of others through your own unique gifts. 

  I always find that in times of emotional despair and confusion that placing a piece of Sugilite on my third eye during meditation helps me to gain clarity on the situation. It calms my nerves , and helps me to relax enough to connect with my guides for answers or symbolism they send .

 Spiritual Diva Third Eye Chakra   While lying down place the Sugilite on your Third Eye Chakra. Concentrate on your breath and imagine a white light surrounding your body, and mentally ask your guides for answers. Sometimes I will get symbols , sometimes I will hear or see words. Everyone receives messages in a different way . Pay attention to reoccurring  thoughts, images, or visions for clues or meaning to your issue . Write them down, and after a few meditations they should begin to make sense. 

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