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Best Psychics & Mediums in Massachusetts & What They Have Taught Me

 Beast psychics & Mediums in Massachusetts what they have Taught Me  

   Ever since I was a little girl, as far back as I can remember, everything about the metaphysical world has fascinated me. I have been to almost every psychic or medium in the Boston area and beyond. Being intuitive myself I believe I was led to a few certain people in my life to help me along my journey. Each year I have a party where at least three or four psychics will do readings for my family and friends.  Every psychic or medium has their own style of reading people. They all use different forms of divination. These people have taught me everything I know about the metaphysical world, and I am endlessly grateful and lucky to call them my friends. It gives me great pride and pleasure to share their gifts with you. 

Darlyne Harff

Darlyne Harff psychic mediums Massachusetts Magic of Believing Spiritual Diva Jewelry   I have known Darlyne since I was 19 years old. She owns The Magic Of Believing In North Reading Massachusetts, which is the town I grew up in. I think she has been through every relationship breakup with me as I sat in her office and cried. She is warm and enthusiastic and has one of the hugest hearts of anyone I know. She is truly a master of her craft. She actually told me I would go into labor at 2:00 AM on August 1st 2005. I went into labor at exactly 1:59. Darlyne reads cards. She has you choose a specific number for specific reasons, and will jot down quickly what she sees in the cards. She integrates astrology into her readings as well. Darlyne has taught me that spirits and guides put things into your head "like a movie", or as signs. When I first started Spiritual Diva she let me sell my jewelry in her office and would not take money from me. She is honest and funny, and has helped police find missing people. Getting an appointment with her is tough so call months in advance.

For an appointment call

978-664-9285 She also will do phone readings if you live far away. http://magicofbelieving.net/

Amy Buckley

  Amy Buckley psychics mediums massachusetts Spiritual Diva JewelryAmy Buckley is a Medium. She looks like any other suburban mother, and is warm gentle and kind. The first time Amy read me there was NO question she was the real deal. My grandmother who was very close to me and had passed away came through that day. My grandmother used to always say "What a sin" and wouldn't you know it, the first words that came out of Amy's mouth were just that. Amy is from Wakefield Massachusetts. She does readings out of her house, and will travel to your home upon request. She doesn't use cards or any metaphysical tools (other then a crystal or two from me ) she just closes her eyes and listens.  Amy's mother was a psychic, and has passed away. Amy inherited this amazing gift, but it took her years to embrace it. She has shared her secrets and wisdom with me throughout the years, and has taught me so much about the good and bad pertaining to the spiritual world, and how to protect yourself from negative spirits who invade your space. For an appointment with Amy call 978-855-0210 or email Moremimi@hotmail.com

Lori Bruno   

Lori Bruno Magika psychic medium Massachusetts Spiritual Diva Jewelry  Lori is is the true "witch". She is the Hereditary High Priestess and Elder of the Sicilian Strega Magi Craft. She owns Magika in Pickering Warf in Salem Massachusetts. The first time I met Lori she read me out of her home. She immediately fascinated me with her long black hair and about 100 necklaces and bracelets. She called me "Mumma" and welcomed me into her home and heart. She is a woman who represents truth, courage, and integrity. I admire her in so many ways, especially the way she honors her ancestors. When lori does readings she uses a pen and paper and will write down facts and even names. Sometimes, she just closes her eyes and gets answers that way. She sure isn't a woman who puts up with crap from anyone, that's for sure, but she is one of the kindest, big hearted people I know. She also has helped police to find missing people, and will never take money because she says it is "Blood Money". Lori is all about Karma, and doing good for the world. She has taught me about the power of your mind, and that "whatever you think it will be, It will be". She has always taught me to cleanse the "energetic crap" off my jewelry at night, and how to use Kosher Salt when clearing a space. Lori sat around my kitchen table one night and told stories about her life, while my friends and I sat there with dropping jaws and wide eyes. This is truly one amazing woman. She once told me story I will never forget.

  When Lori was a single mother, she took her family out to dinner with her last $20. Money was very tight but she wanted to enjoy a nice dinner with her kids. She passed a homeless man in the street and invited him to eat with them. During dinner the owner of the restaurant asked her to to do paid readings for her and her friends, and on they way out she found a $100 bill in the street. Her words will always ring through my ears "You always get what you give in this world. If you are a good person, good will always come to you!"Magika Salem Massachusetts Lori Bruno Spiritual Diva Jewelry

To make an appointment with Lori or take one of her classes visit http://www.magika.org/ or call 



Ann Drake 

AnnDrake Psychotherapist shaman best psychics mediums Massachusetts Spiritual Diva   Ann Drake is a psychotherapist and a shamanic practitioner in Gloucester Massachusetts. She has been initiated into the Unani tradition of Shamanic healing. She integrates her spiritual healing practices with psychotherapy. The results have been so profound that she wrote a book called Healing The Soul: Shamanism and Psyche  , and is working on a second book called The Energetic Dimension: Understanding Our Ancestral, Karmic and Cultural Imprints . Ann is probably one of the most interesting women I know. She is a client of mine at the hair salon I own. Every time I see Ann's name down in my schedule I get excited knowing she will share her knowledge with me. She teaches me about past lives and spirit guides, and has taught me how to use a pendulum as a form of divination. I love hearing her stories about traveling around the world to Borneo, Thailand, and to spiritual places. Ann teaches spiritual classes on Shamanism and defining the path of your psychic gifts.Ann Drake Healing of the soul Spiritual Diva Jewelry

To book an appointment with Ann or schedule classes call 978-281-4269 or email anndrake1@gmail.com


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