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What exactly is a Spiritual Diva ?


What exactly is a spiritual diva

What Exactly Is A Spiritual Diva?

 The word "Diva" is an Italian word that was originally used to describe a talented female opera singer who is demanding and spoiled. In todays society, it is used in slang to describe any woman who is viewed as a high maintenance, a prima donna, who will do anything to get what she wants. In my opinion, the "Diva" gets a bad wrap, and here is why. Although there are women who depict the negative view of this word, I don't think that a woman with self worth, confidence, style, drive to go after what she wants, and will not accept less then she deserves, should be viewed in a negative manner.

Throughout my lifetime I have often been called a "Diva ". I love the finer things in life, and I am not afraid to go after what I want . I tend to be a little (ok, a lot) high maintenance. I know exactly what I am looking for, and I am not afraid to speak my mind. Although, these things are true, I have another side to me that people don't see unless they really know me. Being intuitive and extremely empathic, I tend to have extreme compassion for other peoples situations, because of this gift and my strong personality, I tend to stand up for people and what is right. I understand the laws of the universe, and allow it to guide me to the right choices, where I can use my "Diva" side to help people who don't have the strength or knowledge to help themselves. 

 In todays society we tend to think of someone who is considered spiritual as the opposite of the "Diva" stereotype. Most tend to envision a woman wearing birkenstocks, with no make up, who is gentle, kind, intuitive, and sits on a mountain meditating all day. What I am trying to convey, is that the "Spiritual Diva " is an amazing combination of both! 

 The "Spiritual Diva" understands about what it takes energetically to make the things she wants come into fruition. Her strong personality and confidence lets her be able to share this with others who are not as enlightened. She understands that being a good person and loving herself and who she is, raises her vibration to allow the universe to bring all good things her way. She follows her intuition to guide her to the correct choices and her path along her journey. Yes, sometimes she's pushy, and sometimes she's outspoken or demanding, but she is following her gut to what her intuition is telling her is the right choice.

The "Spiritual Diva" understands that feeling good about herself is the key to manifesting her dreams. When you feel good about yourself, have confidence, and love who you are the universe will send people and situations to you that match that very vibration. In my opinion, high maintenance means doing what it takes to feel your very best inside and out! A true "Spiritual Diva" understands that no one is perfect and can admit her flaws openly, but will focus on her strengths with a passion . So you see, this is why I look at being a "Spiritual Diva" in a positive way. Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle ....

Love and Light 


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