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How To Smudge, Clear, and Protect Your Space From Negative Energy

How To Smudge Clear Protect Your Space Negative Energy- Spiritual Diva Jewelry

  Being intuitive, I am extremely sensitive to any negative energy or entities. Point blank, It just makes me feel bad. Whenever possible, I will clear my home, or the homes of friends in need. There are many methods I will use, depending on they type of negative energy present. Keep in mind, negative energy lingers. When I clear a house, I can actually feel the location in the home that an argument has taken place, even if it is long passed and over . 

  Abalone Shell and feather Spiritual DivaOne of my favorite ways to clear a home is by using White Sage and Sweet Grass. Sage or smudging is used to clear the negative energies, spirits and influences, while the sweet grass will gather new and positive energies and spirits. I usually use four or five pieces, each representing one of the four or five elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and sometimes spirit energy. I use an Abalone Shell to represent water, unlit herbs represent earth, lit herbs represent fire, the smoke and feather represent air, and a crystal of choice for spirit energy. Feather fans aid in the smudging process and have the effect of combing the human aura, which helps with cleansing and restoring balance in your energy field. You can also clear your crystals with this method.

White Sage spiritual Diva When clearing a space I use loose herbs which I put in the center of my Abalone Shell. You can also buy smudge sticks which are pre made and bundled on Amazon, or at Whole foods. I will then set an intention to rid the space of anything that is of a lower vibration or energy.  I open a door or a window, while smudging, I envision white light, and positive energy filling the space, and envision a black cloud of negative energy leaving through the open window or door.                

white sage Abalone Shell Spiritual Diva   After lighting my herbs in my Abalone Shell, I use the feather to build up a good smoke. Starting at the front door, working my way around the space clockwise, and making sure I waft the smoke around all windows, and in corners with my feather, until I end up at the door where I started . At the end of this ritual I will smudge myself, and all others present by tracing the body with the smoke to dispel any lingering energetic attachments. If others are present, I will have them sit in a circle holding hands, and have them envision a white ball of light coming from the center of the circle and filling the entire space with positive energy.

  smudging crystals spiritual diva When smudging crystals, run them through the smoke for about a minute setting the intention for it to be cleared of any negative energy. Holding them in your right hand, envision a white light coming from the crown of your head, filling your body, and then filling the crystal with white light. Your crystal is now cleared and charged.

Sometimes, I am in places where there cannot be smoke, so I use a clearing spray made with essential oils to clear a space .I use Young living essential oils because I trust they are pure therapeutic grade .This Method can also be used for clearing crystals. I use a glass spray bottle and combine distilled water, Kosher salt, Shungite, and Clear quartz crystal chips,and the following essential oils. 





 Spiritual Diva Crystal Essential Oil negative Energy clearing SprayFrankincense clears the air of negativity. It removes negative influences in the body, aura, psychic and environment.  

Clary Sage neutralizes existing negativity and makes a psychic shield against tensions. Historically used by Native Americans to clear the air of negativity

Myrrh Guards against evil and psychic attack. It brings peace, and helps to maintain a state of enlightenment, but also clears negative energy and illusions that stand in the way of seeing the truth.

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Repeat the same ritual as when smudging for both space and crystal clearing.

  Black Tourmaline Spiritual DivaAfter clearing I will sometimes grid a space with crystals for protection, or to prevent  a negative energy or entity from returning. Before I place the crystals, I sprinkle kosher salt in the 4 corners of a home or space, then place the crystals. Kosher salt is blessed by a Rabi. It clears the aura of a person or an environment of leftover psychic energy. It protects against psychic attacks, and disables unwanted negative entities.

  Black Tourmaline is one of my favorite crystals to grid with because it is among one of the most protective crystals. It protects against all forms of negative energies, and transmutes it to positive energies. I actually make jewelry with Black Tourmaline to be worn for this purpose

Black Tourmaline Kosher salt Spiritual DivaVisualize the  crystals being connected energetically with a white protective, energetic shield around your house or space that is radiating from the crystals. 

Please feel free to ask any questions, or comment below. I would be happy to answer them.


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